Join in creating our region’s first universally accessible playground, right here in Burlington, Vermont.


Oakledge for All is extremely grateful for financial support from the following people and organizations:

  • The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation

  • The Hoehl Foundation

  • The Stiller Foundation

  • Lisa Steele

  • Main Street Landing

  • Key Bank

  • Pablo Bose

  • Lynne Bond

  • Katharine Montstream

  • Madsen Gaynor

  • Maida Townsend

  • Jesse Suter

We also offer our sincere thanks to the following organizations for generously donating items, resources, and time:

  • Adam’s Berry Farm

  • Ben & Jerry’s

  • Rhino Foods

  • Shelburne Orchards

  • Yankee Medical


The following organizations, agencies, and individuals have publicly endorsed the creation of Oakledge for All:

  • State of Vermont House of Representatives passed a resolution of support in 2014
  • Jennifer Hurley, Project Director, Early Education/Childhood Special Education Program, University of Vermont
  • Dr. Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics, Vermont Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Susan Victory, Physician, Vermont Children’s Hospital
  • The Kids’ RehabGYM
  • State of VT Division for Early Childhood
  • Vermont Family Network
  • Vermont Preschool Collaborative
  • Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (VAEYC)
  • Vermont Center on Disability and Community Inclusion
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